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Virginia Stone

The structure of the skin among different skin tones is a little different, read more about structural and functional differences among different skin tones here. Virginia Stone is a brand which has designed 3 eye creams to serve certain requirements for different skin tones. Iโ€™ve tested 2 of these eye creams & here are my thoughts:โฃ
This eye cream is formulated to fulfill the needs of fair & lighter skin tones. Fair skin is more prone to wrinkles so they have incorporated high concentrations of antioxidants into this product. Fair skin is also thinner & prone to irritation & dehydration so they added heavy barrier strengthening & soothing ingredients to Kavesi to address these skin conditions. The product has an oily texture & glides on the skin and leaves the undereye area moisturized and smooth, it also wears great under makeup.โฃ
This one is designed for medium skin tones. Since medium skin has more melanin & a stronger barrier in comparison with fair skin, it naturally is less sensitive & less prone to wrinkles. However, medium skin is more likely to develop dark circles, so the formula is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & botanical brightening ingredients like Licorice root, Mulberry, Turmeric and Pomegranate extract. This one works for my dry & dark undereyes much better than Kavesi; it is lighter, has a light scent, feels silky and soothing & firms and brightens the eye area over time.โฃ
I havenโ€™t tried this one but the formulation is perfect for darker skin tones. The photoprotective effects of melanin & a thicker and more compact dermis, minimizes severity of the signs of aging such as formation of crowโ€™s feet and periorbital wrinkles in darker skin. Since inflammation & hyperpigmentation are the main concerns of darker skin, this eye cream is formulated with focus on brightening & anti-inflammatory ingredients. Although darker skin has a stronger barrier, it has lower Ceramides levels & addition of skin-replenishing ing to this formula has helped to keep skin moisturized & healthy.
In summary, though we still need more clinical research in this area, the concept behind this brand is really interesting & useful & the products are thoughtfully designed to fulfill different skin tones.


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