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Terra Bella by Ayuna

Terra, a handcrafted ceramic vessel featuring some intended irregularities, is a work of art by Ayuna which renews its appearance & formulation in a limited edition every season. This seasonโ€™s formulation is based on an award-winning active, called Kannabia Sense which is obtained from cannabis plant stem cells and happens to be a great innovation in the field of neuro-cosmetics because not only it nourishes the skin like conventional anti-aging skincare products, it also stimulates epidermal cells to produce oxytocin, pick up your mood and improve mood wrinkles! Read more about this new active here.โฃ

Terra Bella has a great calming scent, the texture is dense and much richer than Cream I, you have to massage it until it sinks into the skin; I suggest misting your skin before applying this moisturizer. I use it in the evening after an exfoliating toner (the Facial is perfect), or Tretinoin, it surprisingly is not greasy at all, and does not clog pores, irritate or feel heavy on the skin, a little goes a long way and this is a 100ml jar, so probably will last me until next Fall! Remember, to close the jar properly you have to push down and then screw the lid. This cream has a velvety finish, is very soothing & moisturizing & perfect for winter and probably eczema-prone skin. I should experiment more with this product, will keep you updated on my stories!โฃ
In summary, this product is a piece of art; I really like that Ayuna is building an exquisite unique identity with this collection, honoring and combining the fine craftsmanship with a forward-looking innovative formulation! Terra Bella checks all the boxes for a well-thought-out luxury item, and how smart of the Ayunaโ€™s marketing team to release this product at this time of the year because it makes a great holiday gift for a loved one or yourself! โฃ


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