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  • Skincare 101

    Stem Cells

    What are Stem Cells?Stem cells exist in plant and animal organisms. Stem cells are โ€œundifferentiatedโ€ cells meaning that they do not have an assigned role yet. Once a cell becomes differentiated it can become a heart cell, a skin cell, a brain cell and it will always be that type of cell. Stem cells are able to unlimited number of divisions but the differentiated cells have a lifespan. โ€œThe lifespan of a differentiated cell is limited to a set number of divisions (50 times) and this cell division is necessary for growth and repair. For example, when you cut your skin, skin cells must divide to replace those that were…

  • Skincare and Technology

    Age-Repair Defensinsยฎ

    Defensins are the latest generation of anti-aging technology. What is so unique and interesting about Defensins? LGR6+ stem cells are master stem cells which are located in the hair follicle. These master stem cells are dormant most of the time and normally only come to action when the skin is injured.  In case of skin injury, human body naturally expresses Alpha and beta defensins, which are natural anti-microbial peptides. The defensins act as messengers and send signals and activate the dormant LGR6+ stem cells to produce new epidermal cells and repair the damaged tissue.  The brand DefenAge has developed a skincare line which utilizes this new technology to combat skin aging!…