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    The formation of skin pigmentationIn normal skin, melanocytes convert tyrosine into melanin via the enzyme tyrosinase. This process occurs within specialized intracellular vesicles called melanosomes, which are then transferred to keratinocytes and sent to the epidermal surface.  The quantity, melanin content, and distribution of these melanosomes determine the various hues of human skin color . Pigmentation is necessary to give our skin color but the problem begins when the skin is over or under producing pigmentation! What is hyperpigmentation?Hyperpigmentation is a broad term that refers to a skin condition in which the skin is discolored or darkened, it can be the result from an increase in melanin production, and less commonly,…

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    In-office Skin Treatments

    People are usually very skeptical about in-office skincare treatments; the main issue is the cost of these treatments. Although In-office treatments may seem to be expensive, you probably are spending much more money on anti-aging creams, brightening or lifting serums which deliver slow and limited efficiency. Whether you are treating acne scars or looking for fast, effective anti-aging solutions, in-office treatments can be more cost-effective than topical skincare products in the long run. I listed the common types of in-office treatments in the next chart. Most people can benefit from combining these treatments, but may choose one over the other based on the condition of the skin and goals after…