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    Bespoke Vitamin C 15% Serumโฃ by Apothekari Skincare

    This is a very potent vitamin C serum which is formulated with 15% L ascorbic acid. They also have a version containing 10% ascorbic acid which is more suitable for sensitive skin or for people who want to build tolerance. The main ingredients are:โฃ L ascorbic acidโฃ Ferulic acidโฃ Vitamin Eโฃ As you can see the main ingredients are very similar to the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serumโ€™s; 15% ascorbic acid with the addition of ferulic acid and vitamin E to stabilize the formula. There are a few differences though; while Skinceuticals uses ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol as solvent and delivery ingredients, the Apothekari serum contains Propanediol, which does the same…