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  • Product Review

    DefenAge Clinical Power Trio

    Defenage is a high-end, revolutionary, rejuvenating skincare brand. The products are supposed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pore size, even out the skin tone, regulate oil production, improve hydration and firm the skin. How DefenAge offers a new approach to combat skin aging Most of Anti-aging skincare products that we have now work by simulating the skinโ€™s aged cells to work harder, which still is beneficial in renewing the skin however these cells become damaged and tired over time. What Defenage products are offering is that instead of simulating old existing cells, they act upon the Master stem cells that have rarely been turned on and used before…

  • Skincare and Technology

    Age-Repair Defensinsยฎ

    Defensins are the latest generation of anti-aging technology. What is so unique and interesting about Defensins? LGR6+ stem cells are master stem cells which are located in the hair follicle. These master stem cells are dormant most of the time and normally only come to action when the skin is injured.  In case of skin injury, human body naturally expresses Alpha and beta defensins, which are natural anti-microbial peptides. The defensins act as messengers and send signals and activate the dormant LGR6+ stem cells to produce new epidermal cells and repair the damaged tissue.  The brand DefenAge has developed a skincare line which utilizes this new technology to combat skin aging!…