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Product Review

Skin Meditation serum by ELIXSERI⁣

ELIXSERI is a Swiss made serums-only brand. Each of the serums is designed to target one specific concern & they are formulated using a proprietary Bio Regenerative Tech to help boost the skin’s cellular metabolism & optimize the skin’s microbiome.  The serums contains 3 classes of ingredients: 

1. SWISS ALPINE CRYSTALLIZED LIGHT WATER to help reduce chronic inflammation, balance the skin’s microbiome & improve penetration & efficacy of active ingredients.

2. PREBIOTIC FERMENTS to balance the microbiome. 

3. MERISTEM CONCENTRATES based on targeted skin issue, different plant stem cells are used in each serum.

The “Skin Meditation” serum is the stress neutralizing cellular energy complex which is supposed to reinforces the skin’s lipid barrier & protect sensitive skin from environmental damages. The Lactobacillus ferment in this serum provides anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties & reduces UV damage, redness & pigmentation. The specific plant stem cells used in this complex help stimulate the immune system, balance cortisol and boost collagen & elastin production; the high amino acid & polysaccharide content can also improve skin hydration & increase elasticity.

I’ve been using the Skin Meditation serum in the morning for 3 months; It has a very light lotion texture, not greasy & soothes the skin immediately. I found it to be most helpful after exfoliating, extractions, swimming or after spending some time in the sun! Elixseri also sent over some deluxe samples of the whole range so, in the evening, depending on my skin status, I use Rescue Diver(the hydrating serum) following with either the Opening Act (a serum peel for exfoliation & glow), the Smooth player (for line smoothing) or the Firm Conviction (to mattify, firm & tighten the pores).

In summary, the serums are well-formulated, each serum focuses on one targeted result providing what they claim! The Skin Meditation is very effective in reducing inflammation & reinforcing the skin barrier in the long run which makes it a great choice for everyone specially people with rosacea and eczema. 

Price: $114/30ml
Rating: 8/10

*The combination of Skin meditation & Opening act is my favorite, it will give you a clear, hydrated, radiant skin.

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