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La Coéss Revitalisé Nutrient Organic Face Oil

This product is concentrated with nourishing nutrients to revitalize, restore, protect and balance the skin. It is a mixture of different plant oils and flower extracts which have been formulated with both ingredients with lower molecular sizes to efficiently penetrate the skin, and dense ingredients to sit on top of the skin & prevent moisture loss.

The La Coéss face oil is designed to simplify your skincare routine by replacing your essence, serum & moisturizer. It is supposed to:
+ Protect your skin from enviro damages
+ Hydrate
+ Brighten the complexion
+ Balance the skin oil
+ Reduce inflammation
+ Reduce the visible signs of aging

In order to increase the reliability of product reviews, I did a mini experimental study. This means that two people with different skin types & issues used the product for about a month, I monitored the results & made a conclusion.

Participants testing the La Coéss face oil

Subject 1:
Age: 33
Skin type: Combination/Sensitive/Acne-prone
Products used on daily basis: Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Retinoids, Vitamin C, HA serum, Moisturizer

Subject 2:
AdEle’s Mom
Age: 53
Skin type: Normal/dry
Products used on daily basis: Glycolic acid, HA serum, Hydroquinone, Moisturizer

This face oil has a light texture; I have sensitive acne-prone skin and used it every evening for a month, after cleansing, glycolic acid toner, a hydrating serum & prescription trentinoin. While it absorbs quickly, the scent is overpowering, if you have sensitive eyes don’t apply it so close to your eyes. It didn’t work well with my moisturizer; however the moisturizer is not even needed since this oil is potent with ingredients which are excellent in sealing the moisture into the skin. As recommended by the brand I started with 3 to 4 drops; during the first week of use I got some bumpy texture around my jawline which is where I usually get breakouts, so I reduced the amount to 2 drops; so much better results! The oil does a great job in making the skin radiant instantly & really helps to counteract the dry and flakiness that I get around my mouth due to retinoids. It also wears quite well under makeup (wait 10 minutes for it to sinks into the skin).

My mom had a totally different experience with this oil. She has dry skin and applies 4 drops of oil twice a day. Her skin drinks up the oil very fast, she applies it on her neck and decolletage as well. Surprisingly this oil had the most impact on diminishing the horizontal lines she has on her neck! She also massages her face after applying the oil with the Jade Gua Sha facial tool which increases the circulation and warms up the oil a little so it sinks in better. I have noticed some brightening effect and her skin definitely looked more plump and luminous after 2 weeks.

In summary, the oil does have a great formulation and is potent with antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage and collagen breakage; and the fatty acids to help strengthen the skin barrier. If you have sensitive/ acne prone skin try to use it sparingly and store it out of direct sun light in a cool place. I definitely recommend this oil to people with dry or mature skin; it keeps the skin moisturized and glowy which could help to prevent wrinkles.

More about the La Coéss face oil

  • The La Coéss luxe handmade packaging is made of sustainable glass & the dropper top is Wengè wood designed and crafted in Italy; kudos to the designer, the packaging is magnificent! 
  • La Coéss is USDA, OTCO organic certified, vegan, and cruelty-free certified.
  • There’s a chance to get a Lifting Jade Gua Sha facial tool with purchase of La Coéss Face Oil.

Price: $108/30ml
Rating: 7/10

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