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Kannabia Sense: a step forward in neuro-cosmetics

Various similarities have been found between brain & the epidermis. Epidermal cells appear to be equipped with sensing systems similar to those of central nervous systems [1] & are able to synthesize neurochemicals such as oxytocin. [2]

What is oxytocin?
Oxytocin is the happiness/love neurochemical which is released in response to different interactive behaviors; for example oxytocin is released in response to pleasant mental experiences; or during soothing behaviors such as stroking & holding hands; sexual activities; interaction between adults or between humans and animals, or even by food intake specially chocolate! [3]

So what does this have to do with skincare?
A new active ingredient, called Kannabia Sense, has been introduced recently which claims to be able to improve skin characteristics and boost positive emotions via encouraging the skin to synthesize cutaneous oxytocin.

Kannabia Sense
This innovative ingredient is obtained from cannabis plant stem cells and is a prebiotic and stimulates the skin microbiota to produce some by-products to modulate neurochemical networks and enhance your mood. Several in vitro and in vivo studies were performed to demonstrate how this new ingredient activates the pleasure areas of the brain and improves mood wrinkles, skin hydration and radiance. [4]

Clinical Trials

In vivo study 1: Evaluation of Skin Well-Aging effect

  • The test was performed on a 40-volunteer panel (46-64 years old) vs placebo, with 2 daily applications for 28 days.
  • The anti-wrinkle effect of the active was evaluated by Bio3D Structured-light Scanner and the measured parameters were area and length of the โ€˜emotional wrinklesโ€™ after 28 days.
  • Results shown that the area and length of wrinkles were reduced & the skin hydration and radiance improved significantly.

In vivo study 2: Evaluation of Emotional changes

  • A cream with 2% Kannabia Sense was applied twice daily by a 30-volunteer group (46-69 years old) vs placebo.
  • The brain activity of participants was analyzed by fMRI.
  • Kannabia Sense demonstrated a similar activation of brain pleasure regions that are associated with touch, affective processes!
  • The activated brain pleasure regions are related to a greater social predisposition and attractiveness of the person.

Ayuna is the first cosmetic company which has incorporated this award-winning active into their latest launch “Terra Bella“.

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  • Skye Dunworthkye

    Hey there, I love your website! Just a note about the oxytocin, it’s the chemical that is produced when you connect with somebody and “fall in love”. It builds emotional trust. Now, on the flip side, because of this bonding reaction it creates, it causes a xenobophic reaction.

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