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Gelso Milano Silk

Traditional cotton and linen fabrics can promote skin aging for 3 reasons, first they have a high absorbency rate so they might dry out your skin while in contact. Second, the surface of these fabrics is rough which can significantly contribute to the formation of lines and creases. Third, they can decrease the efficiency of your skincare products via osmosis. Silk on the other hand does have the ability to retain moisture, help to keep skincare products on the skin and its fine soft texture helps prevent unnecessary friction and subsequently less wrinkles. 

Gelso is a Milan-based luxury silk company found by Ekaterina Polyakova. This company has created a re-engineered sustainable silk fabric using the Chitosan treatment so the finished material does have a much higher quantity of fibroin proteins in comparison with normal silk! The high amount of fibroin could help increase the silk’s antibacterial and moisturizing properties; it protects the skin by favoring the metabolism of epithelial cells, maintaining the skin balance and functional system and increases the activity of the cutaneous immune system; It also is a natural temperature regulator.

I usually sleep on my face (not a great idea) however I do not have any sleep wrinkles (Yet!), Iโ€™ve been using the Gelsoโ€™s 100% mulberry collagen boosting pillow case, 3 eye patches and head band for 3 months now. The products are incredibly luxe and well-made, you can see that your hair and skin feel softer than usual after sleeping on the pillowcase. The effects were more noticeable in the eye area; the skin around my eyes is super dry and I really was impressed by the ability of the collagen boosting eye patches to keep my eye area moisturized all night! 

When the Chitosan proteins in this fabric interact with the hair keratin they form a transparent elastic films over hair fibers ensuring that the hair is kept moisturized, soft and strong and you can see that specially if you have bleached hair! every morning I wake up with frizz-free, glossy hair!

In summary, sleeping on this special silk could prevent skin aging by reducing the rubbing friction, strengthening the barrier and helping the skin retain moisture during the night. It can also make your hair beautiful and healthy by reducing the loss of natural oils and keeping the scalp and hair moisturized.

*Gelso products can be customized in color, design, monograms.
*Gelso Milano is the only Italian brand able to print on a 280 cm silk fabric.
*Made in Italy.


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