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DefenAge 3D Eye Radiance Cream ⁣ ⁣

The 3D Eye Radiance Cream is a top notch award-winning eyecream which is designed to firm the upper eyelids; and help improve dark circles, puffiness & crow’s feet. Why I think this is an amazing eye treatment:⁣

1. The eyecream is infused with science-backed age-repair Defensins which have been proven to work by activating the skin’s reprogramming mechanism to provide noticeable anti-aging results. Read more about the age-repair defensins here.⁣

2. Another key active in this eye cream is Beautifeye™. It specifically improves sagging upper eyelids by strengthening the dermis & reduces dark circles by consolidation of microvascular networks & reducing pigment.⁣

3. The cream is hydrating, it contains barrier repair ingredients & a blend of restoring peptides to help plump & tighten the skin.⁣

4. The metal applicator depuffs & provides a cooling effect; it also is infused with copper molecules for antimicrobial benefits.⁣

The efficacy of this eye cream have been proven in a study lately. This trial of a defensin-containing eye cream was performed on patients with periocular rhytids over 6 weeks.

  • Subjective changes in skin quality & aging characteristics were compared using a patient survey tool. Objective changes in periocular skin quality were analyzed using the QuantifiCare imaging system and the DermLab ultrasound scanner by blinded reviewers.
  • QuantifiCare imaging of pores, wrinkles, and oiliness showed 370% improvement, 55% improvement, and 12% improvement, respectively.
  • DermaLab noninvasive measurements of elasticity, skin thickness, and hydration showed improvement of 120%, 28%, and 6%, respectively.

I’ve been using this eyecream twice a day for 5 weeks. It has an applicator which is easy to use, 2-3 drops is enough to cover the eye area. The consistency is creamy, not greasy, glides on the skin, absorbs fast, is very hydrating & wears well under makeup. The skin under my eyes is dry & thin and I have hollow hereditary dark circles.

During the first week I experienced some irritation around my eyes, this happened when I started using their serum as well (read my review of the Clinical Power Trio here), you have to let your skin adjust to these products so introduce them gradually to your skin. After 3 weeks, the texture of the skin around my eyes improved & undereyes were noticeably firmer & brighter.

The concentration of of defensins in the eyecream is the same as the barrier cream but the serum contains 5 times more, so in order to enhance the performance I started experimenting & have been applying a layer of 8-in-1 BioSerum on top of this eyecream (just under the eyes) lately.. the tightening effect that the duo provides is great!

Update May 2021
After finishing 2 Defenage eye creams:
– The formula is great and hydrating for normal undereyes but if you have dry skin around your eyes you need something stronger or you should apply more frequently.
– The eye cream does give an instant tightening effect but I did not see significant improvements in fine lines over time.

Rating: 7/10 ⁣

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