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Cream III by Ayuna

Hi lovely friendsโ€ฆlong time no see! I took some time off because my PCOS has been acting up lately & Iโ€™m taking anti-androgen pills, these pills make my skin vulnerable & drier than it usually is so I havenโ€™t been able to try any new products & make new content for you guys; the good thing is that I get to use my heavier moisturizers & oils more often during this time & well.. one of my favorites is Cream III! 

Cream III is the Ayunaโ€™s latest launch; the formulation is similar to Terra bella (the beautiful mint green ceramic jar) but this time in a gorgeous black recyclable packaging . I actually like this new packaging better than Terra Bella, though they are both beautiful, I think the new packaging seals the cream much better & I personally prefer 50ml jars to 100ml so I can finish the product before it expires.

The interesting biotech ingredient in Cream III is Kannabia Sense; I do have a detailed post about this great innovation in the field of neuro-cosmetics, check it out! Cream III is designed to not only nourish the skin like conventional anti-aging products, but also to stimulate epidermal cells & produce oxytocin to pick up your mood & improve mood wrinkles! 

Iโ€™m a big fan of Ayunaโ€™s Cream I, which is the lightest version, but Cream III has been very helpful for my skin lately, the texture is thicker than Cream I, not greasy, does not break me out and is great for dry patches that I get around my nose. I apply it on top of African Botanics Infusion & it keeps my skin moisturized & smooth for a long time. 

Overall, Cream III is a rich elegant cream formulated with powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damages; and essential fatty acids to strengthen the skin barrier which makes it the perfect moisturizer for dry/combination skin (not suitable for oily skin), I also recommend this product to people who are taking anti-androgen pills, Accutane, or people with more mature skin.

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