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Cohorted November 2020 beauty box: an exclusive edit with Verso⁣

This is the Cohorted November box and it’s an exclusive edit with the high-end skincare brand Verso.

Verso products are categorized according to number, with 10 different categories: 1 for cleansing, 2 for daycare, 3 for night time skincare, 4 for boost, 5 for eye care, 6 for refine and 8 for mask, &..

The November’s Cohorted box contains 4 full size products and 6 minis from different categories to cover the essentials for daily routine:⁣

No. 1 Micellar Water (mini)⁣
No. 1 Acne Deep Cleanse with Salicylic acid (Full size)⁣

No. 2 Day cream with Retinol 8 (mini)⁣

No. 3 Nourishing cream with Niacinamide⁣ (mini)⁣

No. 4 Antioxidant Turmeric Booster (Full size)⁣
No. 4 Super facial serum with Retinol 8 (mini)⁣
No. 4 Hydration serum with Niacinamide (mini)⁣

No. 5 Eye Cream (Full size)⁣
No. 5 Super eye serum with Retinol 8 (mini)⁣

No. 8 Deep Hydration Mask

This month’s beauty box is my favorite box by Cohorted so far for many reasons:⁣

1. It is all skincare! Of course I enjoy makeup and hair products as well, but it’s allll skincare! ⁣

2. Verso is a high quality brand and has a minimalist approach to their ingredients; the products are formulated based on 3 main ingredients: their famous patented Retinol 8 which is an advanced anti aging complex clinically proven to be 8 times more effective than standard retinol & half as irritative; the other 2 ingredients are Niacinamide and Turmeric extract which both have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, brightening & barrier strengthening properties.⁣

3. This month’s box covers all the essential products for a complete day and night skincare routine. Micellar water; cleanser; hydrating, antioxidant & treatment serums; moisturizers; eye serum & cream.⁣

4. The Verso collection that they curated for this month’s box is for all skin types but is specifically perfect for combination/oily acne prone skin; the texture, the ingredients. I will post more reviews about each product.⁣

5. Last but not least, it is a very great deal. This box is worth £322 for £40! I highly recommend the November box!⁣

Get 10% off your first Cohorted box using code on their website: WELCOME10INF⁣

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