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BreautyRX Light Rehydrating Lotion by Dr. Schultzโฃ

This hydrating lotion is one of my favorite discoveries of 2020! It is the perfect moisturizer for combination/oily acne-prone skin; super lightweight, not oily at all, very hydrating, a little sticky at first but it absorbs in a few seconds and leaves no film on your skin; the texture and hydrating power of this lotion reminds me of the Elixseriโ€™s Skin Meditation serum. โฃ
One of the key active ingredients in this lotion is vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) which provides both anti-aging and brightening effects. It also is potent with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, oil-regulating and barrier strengthening ingredients. BTW the packaging looks like a tube but it actually is a bottle with a pump dispenser. I usually apply 3 to 4 pumps of this lotion to my slightly damp face after a gentle exfoliation with the Ayunaโ€™s Facial and a layer of Ayunaโ€™s cellular oil (which is a light serum). These 3 products work great together preventing closed comedones, blackheads and occasional monthly breakouts, while reinforcing the skin barrier. โฃ
Overall, this hydrating lotion leaves my skin noticeably supple, fresh and moisturized, and doesnโ€™t pill! You might need the richer version if you have dry/combination skin; the light version is good for oily acne prone skin (update: it might clog pores).
Rating: 6/10โฃ

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