Bella Aura,  Product Review

Bella Aura Rapid Repair Clarifying Elixir

The Rapid repair clarifying elixir is designed to rebalance, protect and repair acne-prone skin. Why I think it is a well-formulated product:

1. Both eczema-prone and acne-prone skin suffer from too thin or damaged lipid barrier, so this product is designed with ingredients such as sunflower & Blackcurrant seed oils which are rich in fatty acids to reinforce & protect the skin barrier.

2. Inflammation is one of the main causes of acne. This product uses a hydrocortisone-like ingredient called Ballon vine to address inflammation and soothe the skin. Ballon vines extract is considered as an alternative to hydrocortisone. It is anti-inflammatory and works to soothe different forms of skin irritation and inflammation:

+ Acute inflammation: which is a kind of irritation occurring in response to tissue injury caused by waxing, razor burn or Mosquito bites.

+ Chemical irritations: which might be caused by overusing acid toners or peels.

+ Allergic reaction: Ballon vine extract helps reduce allergic reactions.

+ Acne: application of products containing Ballon vine extract nips the inflammatory processes in the bud; hence preventing breakouts.

+ Atopic Eczema: An in-vivo study showed that Ballon vine reduces itching and can significantly improve the skin condition in Atopic eczema. The special properties of blackcurrant seed oil & balloon vine extract in combination with sunflower oil effectively reduce inflammation, replenish the damaged barrier and could also relieve dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin.

3. Norway spruce is another interesting ingredient in this elixir. The extract from Norway spruce contains a complex composition of naturally active substances with high antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It has also been shown to be effective at reducing wrinkles, inflammation and redness.

The key components of Norway spruce are Lignans. Lignans are phenolic compounds widely distributed in plants that arise as the plant secondary metabolism. A considerable amount of (60%) of hydroxymatairesinol, which is a type of lignan with a strong antioxidant action, could be found in Norway spruce. In general, Norway Spruce extract provides a unique three-fold effect to the skin:ย 

1. Antioxidant Properties
The Lignans in Norway spruce extract have been reported to have significantly high antioxidant properties, they fight against a multitude of different free radical reactions and help to protect skin and prevents DNA damage.ย A study compared the antioxidant activity of Norway spruce extract to other vitamins and the results shown much higher inhabitation reaction and UV stability in comparison.

2. Anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties
Norway spruce have been proven to be an important source of bioactives with potential antibacterial activity. A study has also shown that hydroxymatairesinol is advantageous in treating blemished skin and is effective against the p.acne bacteria and mild forms of acne.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties
It has been demonstrates that the Lignans and other compounds in Norway spruce provideย  some immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activity via the suppression of TNF-alpha, IL-8, and reactive oxygen species.

An encapsulated form of hydroxymatairesinol, in an in-vivo study, was able to significantly reduce the skin redness and inflammation and combat ROS hence intervening in the photoaging process; continuous use of this encapsulated hydroxymatairesinol for 28 days significantly improved the elasticity of the skin.

An in-vitro study has shown that hydroxymatairesinol can reduce the levels of pro-inflammatory enzyme IL-1 by 38% after 24 hours of exposure.

4. This elixir is potent with microsilver particles which release positively charged silver ions to remove bacteria,  stabilize the skin flora and provide high, controlled and long-lasting antibacterial properties against the acne bacteria. Check out my post about Microsilver.

I have combination acne-prone skin & Iโ€™ve been using 3 drops of this serum every morning for 2 months, you can use it as a spot treatment as well. It is liquidy & has a silver color which determines the high quality of the microsilver content. I donโ€™t layer it with any other strong actives such as tretinoin or ascorbic acid. Itโ€™s very hydrating & soothes the skin in a few minutes (try it after waxing & you will see). I never get severe breakouts, just a few hormonal pimples around the chin &ย  this formula really helps to prevent my monthly breakouts. Iโ€™ve also seen a great improvement with the blackheads on my nose!

Overall this product works great against acne; while the microsilver provides anti-microbial properties to diminish blemish-causing bacteria, a calming blend of Norway spruce and Ballon vine restores long-lasting comfort. Recommended to people who struggle with hormonal acne.

Remember: never store it in the fridge, it might affect the silver ions.


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