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Bella Aura,  Product Review

Bella Aura Night Cellular Renewal⁣⁣

Night Cellular Renewal is another interesting product by Bella Aura. It is supposed to reinforce the barrier & keep the skin moisturized. Why I think Night Cellular Renewal is a great product:⁣⁣

1. It contains several ingredients with high antioxidant properties which help prevent UV & environmental damages to the skin barrier.⁣⁣
2. The Glutathione in this formula prevents oxidative damage and provides brightening effects.⁣⁣
3. It is rich in anti-inflammatory & barrier repairing ingredients so it is super moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing which makes it an amazing option for sensitive, eczema/acne prone skin.⁣⁣
4. The texture! What I love about Yasmine’s products is that they are all lightweight and never heavy or uncomfortable on the skin!⁣⁣

5. It is formulated with a clinically proven powerful barrier-strengthening complex.

What is the “barrier-strengthening complex”?
Skin with an impaired barrier is more prone to dryness, wrinkles and sagging, so strengthening the skin barrier is a great anti-aging strategy for your skin. The “barrier strengthening complex” is a relatively new active specifically designed to:

+ reinforce the skin barrier
+ improve hydration, firmness & elasticity of the skin
+ It is also suggested that this complex not only improves the lipid barrier, it can also replenish the skin from within. This will eventually improve typical signs of mature skin such as barrier deficiencies, but also chronic dryness and wrinkles.

How does this complex work?
This complex is made of ingredients which help to strengthen the skin barrier in 3 different ways:

a. It contains Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract which activates LXR and increases the barrier function by:
+ stimulating lipid synthesis (the mortar)
+ formation of corneocytes (the bricks)
+ suppressing inflammation

b. It contains Rock rose which is a powerful antioxidant & contributes by strengthening the reduced anti-oxidative defense system & preventing further damage to the skin barrier.

c. It contains L-glutamine, an essential amino acid that provides metabolic energy to strengthen the reduced metabolism of mature epidermal cells.

Clinical Studies

In-vivo study 1: the active complex improves skin hydration, firmness, elasticity & smoothness
A Double-blind, placebo-controlled in vivo study was performed on 20 subjects with Caucasian skin (50 to 70 years old). A solution containing 1%, 3% and 5% of this complex was applied twice daily over a period of four weeks. Skin hydration, skin roughness; elasticity and firmness was measured on Day 0, 14 and 28 using Corneometer (moisture), Cutometer (firmness, elasticity), Primos (skin roughness). The results shows that the application of 5% active can increase skin hydration up to 32% after 28 days. It also improved skin firmness by up to 14% and skin elasticity by up to 9% after 28 days.

In-vivo study 2: The active complex provides the glue to seal the epidermal barrier
A Double-blind, placebo-controlled in vivo study was performed on 10 female volunteers with Caucasian skin & presenting a mature skin typology (i.e. dry, dull, thin) 46 to 58 years. A cream containing 3% of this complex was applied twice daily over a period of four weeks. TESA® stripping was done before and after the 28-day application period. Corneocyte detachment & Transepidermal waterloss was measured. After 28 days, compared to the beginning of the study the amount of corneocytes that were detached using strip tape decreased on the areas treated by this complex which implies that this complex increases the amount of skin lipids. The complex also proven to be able to decrease transepidermal waterloss.

I’ve been using this product for more than a month, it’s very lightweight (richer than Hydra Revive), one or two pumps is enough for my face & neck, I apply it at night after Bella aura Antioxidant Booster or Tretinoin. It absorbs fast, is not greasy or sticky, did not cause any irritation or breakouts and I wake up with moisturized, plump and glowing skin in the morning! The formula is also very soothing and I’ve noticed that it specially works really well for reducing inflammation after exfoliation. If you have dry under eyes, I recommend using it around the eyes as well.⁣⁣

In summary, this product is rich in antioxidants, anti-aging and calming ingredients and is a great moisturizing product for your night time routine. I recommend it specially to those with mature or damaged dry skin; it deeply nourishes and repairs the barrier and gives you a smooth radiant face. ⁣⁣

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