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Bella Aura Instant Lifting Eye Contour

This eye treatment is formulated with various active ingredients to improve the skin hydration and texture/tone; regulate cell renewal; and firm the eye area. Why I think it is a very well-designed product:โฃโฃ
1. The product is formulated with the powerful mix of โ€œLevan, Hydroxytyrosol & Jujube Seed Extractโ€. Bella Aura products does contain some interesting ingredients but the blend of โ€œLevan, Hydroxytyrosol and Jujube Seed Extractโ€ is my favorite! This mix is one of the most powerful and unique complexes used in Bella Aura products; they specifically formulated the Instant Lifting Eye Contour with this blend. This blend of anti-aging active has the ability to address various signs of aging such as wrinkles and dehydration and its anti-aging benefits have been proven by some clinical studies:

a. Levan
The first agent in this mix is Levan. Levan is a polysaccharide and its main function is to moisturize the skin by proliferation of cells in the upper epidermis layer and building a firming film on the skin to strengthen the barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss, this can instantly improve the appearance of fine lines. In addition the molecular structure of Levan (large chain length with many branches) ensures strong cohesion with the adjoining boundary surfaces which leads to firming and strengthening of the skin surface.

Why Bella Aura prefers to use Levan instead of Hyaluronic Acid in their formulas?

  • In very dry climates when HA can’t draw moisture from the environment, it may actually start to pull moisture out of the deeper layers of your skin which can harm the skin.
  • Levan is considered as an alternative to hyaluronic Acid. According to a study, Levan exhibits a moisturizing and cell proliferation effect that is almost exactly the same as that evidenced by hyaluronic acid at similar dosage, while it has been shown to has anti-inflammatory properties as well.
  • In a double-blind clinical trial among female participants (conducted by The Israeli Institute for Skin Research in Herzliya), Levan achieved better assessment results than HA when participants were asked about wrinkle Improvement after 1 month of use.

b. Hydroxytyrosol 
Hydroxytyrosol is a major phenolic compound of olive oil. It has very high antioxidant properties. Its oxygen radical absorbance capacity is about ten times that of green tea, and more than two times greater than that of CoQ10 and Quercetin. A study also shows that it provides anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits; however, one of the most interesting abilities of Hydroxytyrosol is that it has been proven to be able to activate Proteasome.

What is Proteasome? 
In short, it is the skinโ€™s garbage removal system! Collagen and elastin in the skin are continuously oxidized either due to UV rays or through the normal metabolism, Proteasome is the natural recycling system of skin cells which is responsible to degrade these damaged collagens (waste) and prevent them from clumping. Accumulation of this cellular waste could disrupt cell renewal and result in wrinkles, yellowish skin and decreased firmness. Unfortunately Proteasome slows down as we age so ingredients such as Hydroxytyrosol can help and reactivating Proteasome, help the skin renewal and delays cellular skin aging.

c. Jujube Seed Extract
This ingredient is again a powerful antioxidants which revitalizes the skin. It also have been suggested that it might have some anti-inflammatory, and melanin production suppression effects.

How does this blend work?

The blend of these ingredients works efficiently as an anti-aging ingredient for the undereye area.

  • Both Hydroxytyrosol and Jujube extract strengthen the skinโ€™s anti-oxidative defense system to prevent collagen breakdown and pigmentation.
  • Levanโ€™s long molecules moisturize and create a tightening film on the skin, prevent transepidermal water loss and improve skin hydration.
  • At the same time, Hydroxytyrosol improves the recycling of damaged proteins in the skin cells, helps healthy cell turnover and slow down cellular skin aging.

Clinical studies
The effectiveness of this blend have been examined in some clinical studies: 

A. An in-vitro study shows this blend doubles the activity of Proteasome, regulate the skins natural recycling system and degrade the damaged proteins more effectively.

B. There also a double-blind, placebo-controlled in-vivo study with 80 female volunteers which demonstrates the anti-aging effects of this blend for the eye area. The results shows that application of 3 % of this blend provides an anti-wrinkle effect of up to 17 % after 28 days. The maximum reduction was 30 %. They measured the wrinkle depth using Primos tech, though apparently the wrinkle reduction was detectable with the naked eye.

2. They paired the above blend with โ€œMoth bean extract” which works in the same mechanism as Retinoids. Together they can improve the cell turnover mechanism, provide a smooth texture & increase collagen production.โฃโฃ
3. This eye treatment is designed as a micro-emulsion. Micro-emulsions are dynamic systems & continuously undergo phase inversion; upon application it transforms from a light cream into a light oil so it could easily cross the skin barrier. Once again, at the cellular level it transforms into water, so this technology is very efficient for delivering actives to lower layers of the skin.โฃโฃ

Iโ€™ve been using this eye treatment twice a day for a month. The texture is thin, the formula is non-greasy & lightweight, it glides on your skin & absorbs quickly. The skin around my eyes is very dry, so I apply the eyecream all over my eyes, it does not cause any irritation, milia or feel heavy on the eyelids & wears really well under concealer & eye makeup. It leaves the eyes moisturized & gives a slight firming effect instantly. I do not have puffy eyes so I canโ€™t comment on that; however after 2 weeks, though subtle, I noticed some brightening effect around my eyes. โฃ
In summary, this is a very well-formulated moisturizing and anti-aging eye treatment rich in antioxidants, brightening and barrier strengthening ingredients to prevent premature aging and firm the skin around your eyes. Recommended to everyone.โฃโฃ
Rating: 6.5/10โฃโฃ

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