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Bella Aura Hydra Revive Treatment

Bella Aura is a Canadian company, founded by Yasmine Jones. Her products are designed with efficiency & safety in mind and focus on three root causes of skin issues: accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), inflammation, and dehydration.

This hydrating treatment is formulated with different active ingredients to combat dryness & dehydration, and even out the skin tone. Why I think Hydra Revive is a well-designed product:โฃโฃ
1. The key blend in this hydrator is the powerful mix of from lichen, moss and fern extracts which provides high moisturizing and anti-aging properties. How? The Moss in this blend helps retain water & hydrates the skin; while the Lichen and Fern form an effective moisturizing physical film on the skin to prevent water loss. The efficacy of this blend have been proven in some clinical studies; the results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study shows that after 28 days of application (3% active), the blend improved hydration, roughness & firmness of the skin drastically! โฃโฃ
2. Thanks to its unique time-release delivery system, this hydrating treatment offers long lasting moisturization. Bella Aura is one of the companies that have incorporated the advanced multifunctional technology of Oleasomes into their skincare products; they have formulated the “Hydra Revive Treatment” with Oleosomes extracted from Safflower oil. Oleasomes are used to formulate the Hydra revive treatment because:

  • Oleosomes absorb quickly into the skin, can replenish skin lipids and support moisture retention better than traditional agents and emulsifiers.
  • Oleosome droplets feel luxurious and non-greasy on the skin upon application.
  • Since not all of the Oleosomes collapse at once, they slowly release and deliver hydration and actives over an extended period of time giving the skin long-lasting moisture.
  • Emulsions formulated with oleosomes are more gentle on the skin because they are free of synthetic emulsifiers or surfactants.
  • Oleosomes are sustainable and biodegradable.

The Oleosomes in this formula melt upon contact with the skin, steadily releasing their contents for an ongoing delivery of actives & hydration. I explained this delivery system in details on my previous post.โฃโฃ
3. The product also contains PHA. PHAs work similar to AHAs but they are gentler; they provide moisture & even out the skin tone.โฃโฃ
4. The formula is perfectly designed for sensitive skin. The use of gentle PHAs, the gradual release of actives over an extended period of time & elimination of harsh emulsifiers which could disrupt the skinโ€™s lipid bilayer makes this formula perfect for sensitive skin.โฃโฃ
Iโ€™ve been using this product for about a month, itโ€™s very lightweight & has a thin lotion consistency. I have combination acne-prone skin & two pumps is enough for my face & neck, I wear it after my Cellex vitamin C serum in the morning. Actually itโ€™s moisturizing enough so I do not need to follow with a moisturizer. Itโ€™s not greasy or sticky, wears great under makeup, doesnโ€™t cause any irritation or breakouts & leaves the skin soft, plump & moisturized for a long time. In summary, this is a super hydrating product that could benefit every skin type; a great option for acne prone, sensitive or eczema-prone skin.โฃโฃ

Rating: 7/10

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