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Baché De Mar Sea Cucumber Collagen Regeneration Serum⁣

Renee is the founder of the Australian brand Baché De Mar. Her line is designed based on the regenerative and healing power of Sea cucumber and her first product is this serum which is supposed to hydrate, promote collagen production and improve the appearance of photo-damaged aging skin. It contains:⁣

+ Marine Soluble Collagen: obtained from sea cucumber, rich in antioxidants and has high moisture absorption and retention potential. It also contains essential amino acids that could help in preventing skin aging.⁣

+ Matrixyl 3000: this famous anti-aging ingredient is a mix of 2 types of peptides which act as cell messengers to promote the production of collagen and elastin; restore our natural deposits of glycosaminoglycan and fibroblasts, strengthening the connective tissue to firm and plump up the skin.⁣

+ Orange stem cells: have great antioxidant properties and is rich in amino acids, organic acids, sugars, proteins, and peptides, that help to protect the skin and maintain moisture balance. Some studies have shown that orange stem cells can improve the appearance of the surface of the skin with visible results of a better structured dermis.⁣

It’s been two months since I’ve started using this serum. It is very light & absorbs quickly, a pump is enough for my face, it feels cooling & soothes the skin immediately. This serum specially works really well for reducing inflammation after exfoliation or in conjunction with retinoids. I apply the serum after retinoid, it is very hydrating and there is no need for a moisturizer afterward (combo skin). It seats well under makeup and leaves my skin hydrated & firm, haven’t noticed any brightening effects but it really makes the skin super smooth. Do not use it around your eyes.⁣

In summary, this serum is formulated with marine collagen and Matrixyl 3000 combined in a specialized hyaluronic acid delivery system to improve the matrix of your skin’s epidermis and boost collagen, it hydrates & plumps up the skin, and in the long run could help to prevent & smoothen the fine lines. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin.⁣

Rating: 7/10⁣

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