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Ayuna – The Facial⁣ High

The Facial is a colloidal acid system formulated to provide a sustainable release of acids onto the skin to address pH increases caused by daily aggressions, balance the skin’s microbiome, even out the complexion, refine the skin texture & promote a radiant skin. The Facial comes in 2 formulas high & low to cater to all skin types. Active Ingredients (Low = 20%, High = 30%):⁣

+ Acetic Acid: a low molecular weight acid obtained from raspberry vinegar, acts as exfoliant, antimicrobial & antioxidant, high concentrations; could be irritating.
+ Glutamic Acid: an alpha-amino acid with moisturizing properties.⁣
+ Succinic Acid: an anti-inflammatory, oil-balancing exfoliant which prevents the growth of P.acne. Also an antioxidant with copper-chelating potential which can reduce pigmentation by acting on enzyme tyrosinase. ⁣
+ Noni Stem Cells+ Glycerin + Citric Acid: Noni is a unique ingredient & instead of killing the bad microbes it acts by blocking the communication signals between the microbes! It is a Prebiotic that balances sebum and microbiota and minimizes pore size.⁣

I’ve been using the Facial High for 3 months, it’s a very powerful exfoliant so I alternate between this toner & my Cellex-c L-ascorbic acid serum to avoid irritation, It has a milky powdery texture & smells like vinegar which fades after a while. It might look like the Biologique recherche’s p50 but the ingredients are more advanced & this one serves your skin not only by chemical exfoliation but also by balancing the microbiome. I noticed a significant difference in my skin after using it a few times in a row. It brightens the skin, unclogs and minimizes size of the pores, gives a matte finish & keeps the breakouts & blackheads at bay. It is safe to be applied under the eyes (be cautious), you can also use it as a spot treatment on occasional breakouts and pairs well with the Ayuna cellular oil !⁣

In summary, this really is a facial in a bottle! an oil-free prebiotic exfoliant to support the feeling of healthy skin cell turnover without causing irritation. The High version is recommended for people with oily/combo acne prone skin, it also is a great option for aestheticians.⁣

Rating: 9/10
* The Facial low won the Beauty shortlist 2020 Innovation award.

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