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Ayuna – The Facialโฃ High

The Facial is a colloidal acid system formulated to provide a sustainable release of acids onto the skin to address pH increases caused by daily aggressions, balance the skinโ€™s microbiome, even out the complexion, refine the skin texture & promote a radiant skin. The Facial comes in 2 formulas high & low to cater to all skin types. Active Ingredients (Low = 20%, High = 30%):โฃ

+ Acetic Acid: a low molecular weight acid obtained from raspberry vinegar, acts as exfoliant, antimicrobial & antioxidant, high concentrations; could be irritating.
+ Glutamic Acid: an alpha-amino acid with moisturizing properties.โฃ
+ Succinic Acid: an anti-inflammatory, oil-balancing exfoliant which prevents the growth of P.acne. Also an antioxidant with copper-chelating potential which can reduce pigmentation by acting on enzyme tyrosinase. โฃ
+ Noni Stem Cells+ Glycerin + Citric Acid: Noni is a unique ingredient & instead of killing the bad microbes it acts by blocking the communication signals between the microbes! It is a Prebiotic that balances sebum and microbiota and minimizes pore size.โฃ Learn more about plant stem cells here.

Iโ€™ve been using the Facial High for 3 months, it’s a very powerful exfoliant so I alternate between this toner & my Cellex-c L-ascorbic acid serum to avoid irritation, It has a milky powdery texture & smells like vinegar which fades after a while. It might look like the Biologique rechercheโ€™s p50 but the ingredients are more advanced & this one serves your skin not only by chemical exfoliation but also by balancing the microbiome. I noticed a significant difference in my skin after using it a few times in a row. It brightens the skin, unclogs and minimizes size of the pores, gives a matte finish & keeps the breakouts & blackheads at bay. It also pairs well with the Ayuna cellular oil or Terra Bella!โฃ

The Facial High is a strong formula so I suggest using it 3-4 times a week and if you have sensitive skin or you are not used to acids go for the Low version! The formula is safe to be applied under the eyes (be cautious, I do not recommend it!), you can also use it as a spot treatment on occasional breakouts.
In summary, this really is a facial in a bottle! an oil-free prebiotic exfoliant to support the feeling of healthy skin cell turnover without causing irritation. The High version is recommended for people with oily/combo acne prone skin, it also is a great option for salons and aestheticians.โฃ
Rating: 9/10
* The Facial low won the Beauty shortlist 2020 Innovation award.

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