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Age-Repair Defensins®

Defensins are the latest generation of anti-aging technology. What is so unique and interesting about Defensins?

LGR6+ stem cells are master stem cells which are located in the hair follicle. These master stem cells are dormant most of the time and normally only come to action when the skin is injured.  In case of skin injury, human body naturally expresses Alpha and beta defensins, which are natural anti-microbial peptides. The defensins act as messengers and send signals and activate the dormant LGR6+ stem cells to produce new epidermal cells and repair the damaged tissue. 

The brand DefenAge has developed a skincare line which utilizes this new technology to combat skin aging! Most of Anti-aging skincare products rejuvenate the skin by simulating the skin’s aged basal cells to work harder, which still is beneficial in renewing the skin; however, these cells become damaged and tired over time. What Defenage products are offering is that instead of simulating old existing cells, they act upon the Master stem cells that have rarely been turned on and used before so they can produce epidermal cells that are fresh and undamaged. DefenAge completed a comprehensive clinical study to establish the safety and efficacy of their products.

Beta-defensins are multifunctional:

1. They provide innate immunity by deterring microbial colonization on the skin surface.
2. They enhance tight junctions, reducing paracellular permeability of the skin epidermis and eventually preventing transepidermal water loss.
3. They induce wound healing by recruiting LGR6+ stem cells to create new basal stem cells in the wound.

By topical application of Defenage products we are sending outsider defensin into the skin to trick these master cells that they need to migrate into the basal layer of the skin and start making fresh epidermal cells. This will result in improved skin barrier function and hydrated skin; increased dermal and epidermal thickness and less fine lines; and decrease oiliness, pore size and pigmentation.

Defensins and growth factors work in a completely different way. Unlike growth factors, defensins only target LGR6+ cells, as opposed to growth factors which target many potential targets that may not only be helpful but also be deleterious or even tumorigenic in skin tissue.

A study compared the action of defensin peptides, which are the active ingredient in DefenAge, against retinoic acid. This study showed that DefenAge rejuvenates facial skin similar to cosmetic retinoic acid, without the irritation.

After a study by Diane Duncan, M.D, she concluded that by using DefenAge 8-in-1 BioSerum about 48 hours after microneedling therapy we see smoother outcomes, faster healing and improved skin quality with fewer side effects when compared to similar use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).”

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