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African Botanics Retinal Night Cream

The Retinal night cream is a regenerating treatment formulated with active ingredients to accelerate cell renewal, boost collagen production, moisturize & improve the skin texture/tone. Why I think it is a very well-designed product:

1. They have used Retinal instead of retinol. Unlike retinol, Retinal is broken down by the skinโ€™s natural enzymes & converts to usable retinoic acid in only one step; it has a higher exfoliation rate, works faster & with the new encapsulation techniques less irritating than retinol. Retinal also exhibits direct antibacterial properties so a perfect choice for acne prone skin.

2. The retinal is stabilized in this formula. They encapsulated retinal to protect and stabilize this fragile active agent and control its release. Encapsulating also increases the levels of retinal retained in the skin by targeting delivery & controlling penetration through the dermis. In addition, the productโ€™s opaque & airless container ensures the product will stay stable for the certain amount of time.

3. They have included barrier-boosting ingredients such as Niacinamide, peptides & Vitamin E in this formula which are necessary to avoid damage to the skin barrier while using retinoids.

Iโ€™ve been using this cream for 2 months, it is lightweight, moisturizing & absorbs fast. Retinal has a natural yellow color so it leaves a subtle yellowy tint on your face; but youโ€™re only supposed to use it at night so it really doesn’t matter. My skin is combination acne-prone & it is used to Tretinoin so I have no problem using this retinal cream 5 nights a week, no irritation, no sensitized skin, no breakouts! I use it after a hydrating toner like Infusion & before applying theย Defenageย serum and suggest that you use potent vitamin C and AHAs in your morning routine or on days you are not using retinal. In a few weeks you can see some improvements on the texture & tone of your skin & by using it consistently your skin gradually becomes smoother and firmer with a rosy glow! Recommended for every skin type specially retinol-users who want to step-up their retinoid game.

P.S I do not like the earthy-botanical scent of this product.

Rating: 8/10

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