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111Skin vitamin C brightening booster

Potent with vitamin C, this booster does help to reduce & prevent hyperpigmentation & is Ideal for maintaining the benefits of in-office treatments. Main ingredients are: 

+ CITRIC ACID: functions as an AHA; can brighten skin, shrink pores, treat mild acne, & correct dark spots and fine lines. 
+SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE: is a more stable, gentle, and less irritating derivative of ascorbic acid (when it sinks into your skin, enzymes convert it into L-Ascorbic Acid). It potentially is effective for brightening and evening out the skin tone, boosting collagen production & destroying free radicals which cause premature aging; It can influence factors linked to breakouts as well.
+ GLUTATHIONE:  is a tripeptide comprised of three amino acids which offer skin-restoring and brightening benefits.
+ DIAMOND POWDER: It gently exfoliates the skin and the microdermabrasion helps with absorption.

I have combo sensitive acne prone skin with a few acne scars and I have used this serum for 2 months every night after cleansing my skin. I did not use an exfoliating toner with this serum to avoid any irritation. The consistency  is watery and it has a citrusy scent to it, 2 drops  is enough to cover my face and neck; One bottle could last you a long time as it only takes a couple of drops to cover the whole face. You can either apply it directly to your face or mix it with your moisturizer.  It is very moisturizing itself & unlike many vitamin c serums it does not pill and wears perfectly under makeup and SPF. Sometimes when I put it on I do feel a slight tingle; if I use the right amount it dries very quickly.  At first I had some break outs on my chin (my break out prone area) but my skin adjusted to this product pretty well in about 2 weeks.  My skin was noticeably glowy and smoother. I also mix this booster with my eye cream which has helped to brighten my dark circles a bit.

In summary, this serum is not greasy and absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. With consistent usage it will even out the skin tone, brighten the complexion and prevents premature wrinkles. It is a great option for people with sensitive skin who can not tolerate ascorbic acid.

Price: $180 for 20ml
Rate: 7/10

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